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(Archived) How to renew a to-do list every month


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I have a question from the German Google+ EN group.


Someone needs the same todo list every month and he asks if there is a chance to copy the same list from one note to a new one in the Android app.

He didn't see a point to do so and he doesn't want to open EN on his computer.


Is there anything he can do?


Thank you.

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In Android you should be able to copy the content of a note by long tapping part of the content;  you could then start a new note and paste...


Or - it's possible to email a note - to your Evernote email address ??  -Just tried that;  waiting to see the result!


Edit:  3 Minutes later - you get a perfect copy of the original note,  with "Sent from Evernote" at the bottom of the page

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