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How to sort ZITE Evernote existing tabs alphabetically


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It is laborious to find the correct existing tag

Hi. Welcome to the forums. Zite sounds pretty cool (I don't use it myself), but I am unfamiliar with its tagging features in Evernote. Could you explain your problem in more detail? Also, please let us know which client (Mac, Windows, iOS, etc.) you are using.

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I have the same problem discussed above:

When I want to include a Zite article link in my Evernote account under one of my existing tags, the tags come up NOT in alphabetical order. I am using Zite from an iPad Air 2 (iOS 8) but the same thing happened on my older iPad Air (iOS 7). when you have over 60 tags it's a nightmare and waste of time scrolling through to find the right one.

What can be done?

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I also gave up

I've memorized the most common Tags

and also just type them in manually

I would choose from a list if it was alphabetical

but as it is not alphabetical it's pretty useless

so I just type in 

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This would really be an issue for the developers of Zite to resolve.

However, since Zite was bought by Flipboard earlier this year, not on,y has it not been actively updated, it is slated to be shutdown sometime this year. There's a news article or two out there to this effect.

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For a few users, sending from Zite to Pocket (or any read-it-later app)... then from there, more selectively to Evernote, might be a solution. That way you get to read/ re-read the article at a later time using a sepia background (Evernote doesn't give us background options just yet).


Also, I use Pocket as a curator of sorts... only sending what I want to keep long-term as reference material from there to Evernote. I don't actually read anything in Zite: I give myself no more than 7 minutes (I actually use a countdown timer) to flip through my board and send to Pocket anything I might find, at face value, to be interesting. That way I force myself to make some hard and fast decisions as to what is worth reading... otherwise I get highly distracted reading at leisure.


Once in Pocket, I find that I quickly eliminate half of the articles I thought were interesting, after a quick skim through. 


So... whatever I do send Evernote's way is a lot less than what I find to be newsworthy on Zite... and occasionally I sort through my Evernote inbox and file specific articles in specific places. 

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I too use pocket as a go-between when using reeder or Zite. I find unlike reeder or zite, pocket most reliably punts full text to Evernote rather than an excerpt. The reading experience in pocket, as Frank has said, is also superior to Evernote,

Sometimes when reviewing this in pocket I also end up seeing it isn't worth saving to Evernote, that extra little bit of curation helps reduce the clutter in Evernote ever so slightly.

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