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Resize doesn't work?

Alan White

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Hi folks, I've searched and seen some references to image resize issues. I've recently upgraded to 2.7.1 through the apple app store, and now find I can't resize images as per the previous version.


I typically use skitch to grab a 48x48 image from the screen, annotate it, and reduce it to 24x24 and export as a png for use as an icon in an application. Skitch produced very effective images at a really compact size using this approach. What I find now is that the image remains at 48x48 when I try to save it, despite going through the resize tool as before, the image appears to reduce in size visually in the skitch workspace, yet in the bottom right hand corner of the app, it shows 48x48 still.


I could simply use Preview to resize it but it produces a 3K image as opposed to a 400 byte image.


The mac is a retina so we're in hi-res mode, 144dpi, but none of this has changed since it previously worked.


Have I missed something, an important step somewhere? I am syncing with evernote.



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