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Disable OCR/image text recognition in Evernote

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This is probably a strange request, but I want to disable text recognition in images. I'm using a notebook in Evernote for scans of index cards, but the text recognition is giving me so many false positives (particularly when I search for rare terms) that it's getting really frustrating.


Is this an option? If so, how?



More details for the curious or in case it's relevant:

Every article I read that I think may be useful in the future gets an index card, with its citation and a summary of the most relevant findings/protocols/approaches, along with keywords written on the back. These are scanned into Evernote as individual notes and then kept in a card file by first author.

The note in Evernote gets updated with the title as the citation (sans title) and the body containing the title and keywords.


When I want to find a reference but can't remember the first authors' name, I can search for the appropriate keywords, likely title text, or an oddball word I remember was associated with the paper. I also use keyword searches to look for all papers I have that could be relevant to that concept and just skim through them to find the appropriate one.


Example false-positives below. FWIW, my handwriting isn't great and has some quirks, but it's usually fairly easily read by other humans.


Search text: "review"

False hits: “Prevalence of”, “the view”, “recombination”, “mutant”, “remainder”


Search text: "local"

False hits: “could”, “(2007)”, “loci that”


Search text: "spatial"

False hits: “teacher survey”, “speciation"

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I agree completely. 

I find it such a pain to weed through all the false positives that I now add " -resource:* " (minus quotes) to the end of all my searches out of habit. I really wish that there was a way to turn this off as I have yet to benefit from the feature.

Frankly, I'm very surprised that they not only released such a half-baked feature, but that they make the only way to get around it so obscure.

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