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integrate penultimate into Evernote

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I love Evernote. I use it both professionally and personally - primarily typing in notes.  Obviously, I often have times where I need to draw a chart, idea or illustration.  Penultimate does that well (especially with the new Jot pen). But it's not integrated - it's only connected.  I have to open another app. And my drawing is saved to a Penultimate folder in Evernote... separate from the typed notes and topics I want that drawing to live with.  


I am suggesting that Evernote leverage the Penultimate experience directly INSIDE Evernote.  Integrate it fully.   Other apps like notebook and notesuite do this.  If Evernote doesn't then I have zero incentive to use Penultimate if it's simply "connected" - I could use Bamboo or other popular drawing apps which also connect to Evernote.  


I am simply asking that when we take notes we have the ability to both type AND draw/handwrite in the SAME NOTE.  Evernote has great apps - Stitch, Evernote and Penultimate but your biggest mistake is they are all very separate.  If you want to keep them separate for focused users with focused needs... that's great! Keep them separate... but integrate that into Evernote too. I would pay for it... not suggesting it has to be free.  Thoughts?

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Thanks caddisbug, you've said exactly what I was thinking.  To be honest I felt very ripped off after I bought Penultimate and discovered that it really isn't integrated at all. 


Like you, I want to be able to use penultimate to draw or write on existing Notes, to combine typed text with handwritten, etc.  For now I will assume that Evernote engineers are busily working on this for a future release, because it's an obvious next steop.  In the meantime, this is just one more occasion where Evernote has left me disappointed by selling more than they deliver.  Every time I begin to adopt Evernote (this is the third or fourth time), I soon discover that it really does not do what they lead you to expect.


For now I have found a much better app for my iPad that let's me type, write, draw, add pictures to any note, including ones that were imported from DOC files or PDFs.  And oh yeah, it has excellent handwriting recognition too.  Although it has shortcomings, it accomplishes everything that I need to do on my iPad.



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