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Outlook Error Message: Unexpected error during note creation


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I have 'Add to Evernote 5' button Add-in in the Outlook 2013 ribbon.


It's been working fine until the past few days.

I could select an email and click the Add to button and it initiated the EN routine.


However, that's just stopped working and I now get the error message: Unexpected error during note creation


But, when I open up the email and click the Add to button, it works.


Any explanation or fixes?




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Only suggestion would be raise a support ticket.  You could try reinstalling the Windows client to see if that refreshes the settings - exit Evernote (and Outlook) and copy your Evernote database folder as a backup;  then use Revo Uninstaller to completely remove Evernote,  download the latest version from Evernote.com and log in again with your user details.  

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Thanks for the advice. I will try that.

I've never copied my folder as backup. Is it obvious how to do so?


Also, is the free version of Revo Uninstaller OK to use? I'm not familiar with it.



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The important files are in a folder you can find via Tools > Options > General > Open Database Folder.  

At this stage make sure you completely signed out of Evernote - via File > Exit


The address bar in your file explorer window will show something like "C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases"  

Click on the second word "Evernote" and you should then be looking at a list of folders including one marked "Databases".  

Hold Control and click on that folder and you should see a message "Copy Databases to..".  

Drag the folder to your desktop and you're done.


Download and install Revo - it's perfectly safe to use*.  It will search for and list all the software installed on your system,  and if you double-click Evernote it will uninstall it.  


(* But don't uninstall anything unless you're sure you know what it is!)

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Oddly, it just started working properly without any interventions!


However, I might follow your advice and reinstall because I have been getting a server synchronisation error on the Desktop PC version. 


Thanks again.


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