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Outlook Error Message: Unexpected error during note creation


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I have 'Add to Evernote 5' button Add-in in the Outlook 2013 ribbon.


It's been working fine until the past few days.

I could select an email and click the Add to button and it initiated the EN routine.


However, that's just stopped working and I now get the error message: Unexpected error during note creation


But, when I open up the email and click the Add to button, it works.


Any explanation or fixes?




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Only suggestion would be raise a support ticket.  You could try reinstalling the Windows client to see if that refreshes the settings - exit Evernote (and Outlook) and copy your Evernote database folder as a backup;  then use Revo Uninstaller to completely remove Evernote,  download the latest version from Evernote.com and log in again with your user details.  

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The important files are in a folder you can find via Tools > Options > General > Open Database Folder.  

At this stage make sure you completely signed out of Evernote - via File > Exit


The address bar in your file explorer window will show something like "C:\Users\<yourname>\AppData\Local\Evernote\Evernote\Databases"  

Click on the second word "Evernote" and you should then be looking at a list of folders including one marked "Databases".  

Hold Control and click on that folder and you should see a message "Copy Databases to..".  

Drag the folder to your desktop and you're done.


Download and install Revo - it's perfectly safe to use*.  It will search for and list all the software installed on your system,  and if you double-click Evernote it will uninstall it.  


(* But don't uninstall anything unless you're sure you know what it is!)

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Oddly, it just started working properly without any interventions!


However, I might follow your advice and reinstall because I have been getting a server synchronisation error on the Desktop PC version. 


Thanks again.


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