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Problems with Printing Evernote (Hyperlinks Underlined Incorrectly)


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I am using Evernote with no problem except a printing issue.  Wondering if anyone has a suggestion for this:


When I print a note via Windows with networked printer, the printed copy shows abnormal underlines (for example with any hyperlinks or underlined note content) --- the underline prints on top of the word so it appears to be a strikethrough.  Can't read and can't figure out how to remove the underlines.


Any ideas on how to fix this?

Thank you! 

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Yes, I noticed several comments about this issue. Fascinating it's apparently not a priority. I ended up emailing myself the note to print. Thanks for your input

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FYI, printing from the web version seems to work fine.  I know that's not a perfect solution, and that printing from the Windows application needs to be fixed.  But it may provide a better solution than emailing it to yourself and then printing, as others have suggested.


Printing from the Windows app is still a problem in the latest version released today (Version

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It is ridiculous that this problem has existed since 2012 and no one is addressing it!  I am only on Evernote now because of the demise of Springpad, but I had no idea that a simple printing issue would be the thing to most frustrate me with the changeover.  Has anyone tried any other avenues for getting the developer's attention?  I started a trouble ticket, but now after reading this user site I'm not holding my breath for an answer.

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