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Evernote Clipper bookmarklet no longer works on iPad? (iOS 7)


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I had been using the Evernote Clipper bookmark on Safari on the iPad (and iPhone) for a long time. (Using a bookmark is necessary, because there's no plug-in support on these mobile browsers.) Now, the "bookmarklet" still shows the clipper dialog, however, no destination folder is selected, and the folder selection list is empty. Attempting to clip anyway redisplays the clipper dialog with a red outline box around the "tags" field (even when that field is not empty.)


I am not certain but believe the bookmarklet worked under iOS 7, but it certainly did through iOS 6. I could not find a more recent version of the bookmarklet. The problem may have started when I enabled two-step authentication for my Evernote premium account...


I really miss being able to clip on my iPhone and iPad. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Did I miss finding a more recent version of the bookmarklet? My work-around for now is to add the page to my Safari "reading list" and then clip it the next time I'm on a Mac.


Here's the text of the bookmarklet that I'm currently using:

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I am happy to know you're working on it, although I'd be much more happy if you would be able to tell us when. That should be a mandatory feature. I am a Premium user and an addict to Evernote, who must transform into juggler when I try to catch webpages into my Evernote Account whenever I surf the web with my Ipad. Please solve this issue and we'll much more in love with this tool.

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The clipper was the major reason for my getting the app and now I find it won't work? Not happy. I have an iPad 2 with iOS7 and I really would like to hear yesterday that you have resolved this issue completely and permanently. I will follow this issue closely.

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Hi all,

We've located the problem and it is related to 2 factor authentication. Development on the bookmarklet is deprecated so if you have 2 factor authentication enabled for your account and want to use the bookmarklet you will have to:

1) Open Safari iOS and log in with 2 factors to the webclient on www.evernote.com (this will set the authentication cookie)

2) After that sign in to the bookmarklet on a new tab and you should be able to see notebooks and tags and be fully authenticated. 


Let me know if that works for you. 

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Now I can't log in to evernote.com from the mobile browser anymore for purposes of authenticating the bookmarklet. I get an error:


"Sorry, Evernote Web is not supported on Android browsers"


Any ideas? Thanks.

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Looks like this already-unreliable workaround for clipping is probably on its way out. I don't believe this was ever officially supported by Evernote. 


Thankfully with the Extensions API within iOS 8 coming in the fall, we'll hopefully see an honest-to-god clipper! 

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