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Issue With Tags

Phil Moore


Below is an extract of a case I have logged with Evernote and it has to do with Tags.  Using a Mac (maybe related to Mac?) I have been having intermittent issues with Tagging notes, be it Evernote or Evernote Business.  If you are in Card View for example, then in the preview window of the note try to enter a tag, it simply enters "black" text, no prompt for similar Tag, nor when you hit Enter do you get a Blue Bubble with the tag created.


I though it was down to me trying to add a tag during a sync, but not so.


It is an intermittent issue, anyone else seeing it?  It is also annoying...





I have attached a few images to show the problem. I am running 5.4.4 and if I create a new Note and try to insert a Tag from within the Note, it simply types and doesn't amend the Tag. Screen Shot 1

If I then double click the note to open in a separate window the Tag is created. Screen Shot 2 where it goes blue as expected.

Finally Screen Shot three shows the result, but only when I open the Note in a separate window.

A known issue or something I am doing?








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