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(Archived) Importing Data From Momo


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I currently have all my lists, notes, etc. stored in an app called Momo.  Since discovering Evernote recently, I've decided that I'd like to migrate all my notes from Momo over to Evernote.  Problem is, I haven't found a way to execute the export/import.  Momo allows me to export all my data to a .csv file, but Evernote doesn't appear to import that format.


Am I out of luck, or is there some way that I'm not aware of to get my Momo data into Evernote?

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You can use an 'import folder' to import files in Windows - just move files into that folder and they become notes,  with the file name as the title.  If you can find some way to convert your CSV information into separate files you could move it all across as separate notes.  You may have to do some manipulation with a spreadsheet and a wordprocessor using your CSV file as the data source for a 'mail merge' but I'm sure it should be possible...

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