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(Archived) Is there a way to auto-multi-tag my notes?


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A couple of times a month I pay bills, scan them in and file them in evernote.  I would like to make tagging those bills/statements simpler.


Say apply the tag, list:ver

And evernote expands the tag list to the tags, verizon, statement, cell phone


Or, list:cab

Which expands to, cable one, statement, internet, telephone


It would be a time saver and cut down on tagging mistakes/omissions.  Does this functionality exist in evernote?

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I was premature.  I can keep a separate note that holds comma separated tag lists, like this:


Verizon: cell phone,statement,verizon
Haven: haven of stanford,statement,eleanor
Wells Fargo: mortgage,statement,wells fargo
HMS: dad,hms,lien
Cable One: cable one,internet,statement,telephone
And the just copy and paste.  That's workable.
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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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