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(Archived) What happens after upgrade period ends?

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I have been using Evernote since the beginning of the year. The software came with the flash drive I got for Christmas. I love it!! :) I am considering upgrading from the freebie account for a month (at least?) but I have some questions:

What happens to your uploaded documents, etc. after the upgrade period ends?

If you scan documents of a different type allowed under the freebie plan (e.g. Word, Excel, Mp3, etc.), can you still access them after the upgrade period?

Please advise.

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Anything that you add to your account will stay there after you change back to Free. You can still read these files, but will not be able to add new Premium-only files, or edit the existing files from Evernote if your account is Free. You can drag the file out of Evernote to make a local copy on your computer and edit that, however.

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