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Restoring machine from image backup

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I’m about to restore my main office machine from an image backup that’s a month old. I assume EN should be fine and will just sync as appropriate (and then I can update the version of needed). Correct? And EN on my other machine is irrelevant, of course. Correct?







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I would want to make sure I have a current backup of EN before I started restoring from a image backup that is a month old.


I'm not sure if EN would revert back to a month ago after it see's the machine your going to run that month old image backup on or not, but it sounds like you have another computer too. If you have another computer with EN on it then I would make sure you get a current backup of EN from it just to play it safe.


I'm guessing if EN is smart about it then it will be able to tell your image backup has a month old backup of EN on it and update/sync itself to bring it current, but I don't have any experiance in just how that all works.


I'm sure one of the EN experts can tell us for sure.

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Doing a local backup on my good machine was a great idea. I'm surprised that never even occured to me. It's not like I haven't done those before. Too much on my mind, I guess. Thanks for the help!


I expect the image restore should be fine anyway, though, really. It's probably no different than if I had left that machine turned off for the past month and just now turned it on.


But a local backup on the other machine is obviously the only right thing to do.


Thanks again!

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Well, I restored the machine successfully from image backup. It turns out I have the freedom of deciding how to proceed with EN after all, since it turns out that after the image restore it will "not" sync until I re-enter my password -- which I have not entered as yet.


It's also letting me know there's a new version out, which means the image was created before the recent version came out (which I did install when it first came out, which was apparently shortly after the image backup was created early Dec).


I did that export/backup of EN locally on my "other" machine, which has been working fine all along. The size of the enex file is about 125 MB.


I'm thinking the thing to do now with the restored machine is probably just go into Add/Remove (XP) and uninstall EN from the machine. Then, do a fresh install of the current version. And that's it. (125 MB is not a lot for it to download fresh.)


My priority is stability and avoiding any chance of corruption that might take up yet more of my time trying to straighten out later. I realize a sync of the current restored installation would "probably" go flawlessly, but a reinstall just seems a bit safer.


Anything I'm missing? Or do you agree?


If I do take that course, though, I'm just wondering if there's anything I should be aware of other than a simple uninstall and reinstall, such as maybe having to make a decision about keeping a settings file or not or anything like that.





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An ENEX export is exactly that - an "export" function rather than/ as well as a backup.  If you restore notes from that they'll restore into the one notebook you specify.  If you had more than one notebook initially,  there will be some tidying up to do...  It's better to backup by copying the EXB file (Windows) or in Time Machine (Mac) - search around here for more information on both!  (Or you could use a disk image... :) )


Not sure why you're uninstalling/ reinstalling the current version if it's back and working - your database is there (the EXB file) and if it's a month old a sync should restore it up to date - just make sure you have a good local backup of the current database in case things go wrong...


Once you have a good backup you could exit the application completely and Revo uninstall the app,  make sure the EXB file has been deleted / moved and let the server version update the database from scratch.  Only considerations there - 1) lots of notes can take quite a few hours to restore and 2) you would have to export (ENEX) any purely local (unsynced) notebooks plus any other unsynced notes.


Hope that makes sense...

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