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(Archived) Evernote for Android

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Please do not leave us Android users out in the cold. We would love an Android App (feel free to chime in everyone). Android is projected to have over a 600% growth rate this year...and there are more of us than Evernote users.

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Every couple of weeks I pop in here and see if any new info has been added to the original thread asking about this. I hope that the Evernote powers that be don't think that lack of "rabid, howling fans" means that we aren't desperately waiting for the Android client. I know they are working as hard as they can on it but I'm afraid that if they think the demand is low then they won't put as many resources (i.e. people) into developing it.

Also, if you need beta, or even alpha, testers please put the word out. I know I would be glad to file bugs, and I'm sure others would be also.



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It sure would be nice for them to make an app for Android (been around for a year now, and Palm Pre already has their app, right after the phone launched), but in lieu of that, fix what ever is wrong with the IMAP that is stopping it from syncing on the G1.

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