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(Archived) Filter Notes Upon Arrival

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I love Evernote, and think of new ways to use it to be more productive and effective nearly every day. It's essentially my brain at this point!

One of the biggest features I'd like to see is a way to create filters to tag notes and move them to different Notebooks as they arrive, as opposed to dumping them all into the default. The way I see it, it would work similar to Email filters. Select one or more criteria, and then one or more actions to follow on a match.

For instance, I know that any incoming note with "yourorder@confirmations.buy.com" in the Author field should automatically go to my Receipts notebook. Similarly, if I email Evernote with [ToDo] in the subject I could automatically put that into a To Do notebook, or give it a "todo" tag. I can have notes coming in directly from Email, SMS and Twitter, via Email from services like Jott. The first thing I have to do when I actually open Evernote is to move all of the incoming notes to where they belong. It would be incredibly useful to have them sorted automatically.

Is this currently in the works? If not, can it be? :)



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You can set up Saved Searches that will find all of the notes that match your desired criteria without necessarily moving them between notebooks, or you can find them and then select them all and move them.

For example, if you make a saved search for:


You could search for this to find all of those notes, and then move them if needed.

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That's pretty close to what I do now, and although it works it still means I spend at least a few minutes a day manually moving the same groups of things to the same places.

Not a high priority by any means, but I still think it would be a very useful and powerful feature. Would probably be a very good candidate for Premium users.

Maybe not as useful as removing random blank lines between notes on different platforms, but still useful. :)

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