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Ridiculous Bug(s) remain in Evernote

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This is the second time in 21/2 yrs this has happened and it's loss of notes...that Evernote can't explain.

I've recently just had one 2 many notes that are gone that I'm positive were put in Evernote during the last 6months.

I started using Evernote from day 1.

2 years ago I happened to notice my oldest note was 2009!...and November 2011 had 2500+ notes! Support looked into it and thought that was really 'wierd'..had NO solution, so my oldest note remains 2009 had to live with a net loss of near 1000 notes. My request for a premier membership refund was denied.

So was glad to see this:


Guess you need a reputable writer to prompt action.

We'll see what happens

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