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How long does it take to sync skitch?


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I am using the free version of skitch for ipad.  I have created 5 photo documents today but they have been syncing for the last 3 hours and I can't actually open them to read what I've written.  How can I stop the sync so I can use the documents??? very frustrating.. :(

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Hi bamf, sorry to hear about that. The surest way to stop the sync is to turn your wifi or cellular connection off by putting your iPad in Airplane mode. The icon at the top-right of the note should change from a spinning indicator to a static one, and you should be able to view the document.


Still, syncing 5 documents shouldn't take that long, even if Skitch is downloading other Skitch notes down to your iPad. Is this problem still happening? Can you provide some additional information?

  • Which version of Skitch are you using and on what iPad model?
  • Were the photo documents taken with Skitch's camera or were they selected from your Photo Library?
  • Was Skitch trying to download any Skitch notes from your Evernote account to your iPad?
  • Did you edit the note Name or the Notebook that the note would sync to?



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