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How long does encrypted notes stay unlocked

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I typed "encryption:" in the search bar and found all my encrypted notes. I unlocked one and noticed that when I went to another note, and click on it, It also opened up without requiring a password. I then close down Evernote, open it up again and all my encrypted notes opened up without a password when I clicked  on the lock symbol.


Is that normal? Can I keep my other notes locked until I open them with a password? When I close Evernote, can I get everything password protected? If not, what does it take for the encryption lock to be activated again?



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In Evernote Windows, closing the program is not enough. >File >Exit

You have to actually sign out of the program.>File >Sign Out username

That will encrypt them.


When you sign back in with your name and password, you will need the encryption passcode again

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