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(Archived) Audio notes in Windows 8?


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Sorry, but I'm having trouble finding out something which is probably obvious. How do you create audio notes/recordings on a Windows 8 laptop? I read that there should be an icon on the formatting bar (the bar at the bottom?) when you create a new note, but I can't see this anywhere.

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No problem - there are (apparently) differences between the two;  if you had any unsynced notes or local notebooks in the Touch version,  you may have to go back to that briefly to tidy up.  Otherwise it's better to stick to one or the other and not switch between!  As a matter of interest,  what was your experience on Touch?  I never tried that version,  though I'm also on W8.  There are a lot of posts around that say it doesn't work very well?  When you've had a chance to use Desktop for a while it would be interesting to know how you would compare them for usability..


Good luck with the recording...

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Thanks again! You're right about the Touch version - it's a lot more aesthetically pleasing, so I prefer to read my notes off of it but quite buggy - sometimes the formatting toolbar disappears and you have to go back to the last screen to get it back. There also seems to be tons less features: audio notes, attaching documents. I also hadn't heard you could have local notebooks until you mentioned it.

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