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Evernote and postach.io

Chris Lampman

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Hey everyone! I have a problem with using Evernote and postach.io. I recently set up a blog and am feeding it from my evernote account. As a way to test what it can do I published a note and it appeared fine on my blog site. When I deleted the note and re-synced my Evernote account the post still appears on my blog even though it is deleted from my account. It has been several hours and the post is still there. Need help. I am using my Mac Evernote client.

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Good to know his workaround. Personally I have never encountered this issue, posts promptly appear and disappear with Evernote sync. I gather there was a hiccup on Postach.io's end at the time you were working, so it could happen again. Pleased that you shared your solution.

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Hi Chris,


I have the same issue and am happy that there seems a way ... only thing I can't find is how to "go into the postach.io settings and manually sync the accounts".

Logging in on postach.io always throws me into my evernote account, but I don't know what was the step you then took?


Many thanks




ok, just found it - need to go via http://postach.io/account

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Well I managed to solve that problem. Instead of syncing from my desktop client I needed to go into the postach.io settings and manually sync the accounts. Hope this helps someone else.


Thanks so much, Chris. I had this issue and your tip worked for me.

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