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No filled (solid) shapes?



1.     I can't seem to make a solid ( filled ) shape with skitch.

I don't understand; am I missing something?

I just want to make a solid square.  Surely skitch can do this, no?


2.     While I'm at I'm now trying to make a solid color background, is there a way to do that?


3.    I used a marker tool to scribble in and eventually make a solid background.  Now how do I make another object on top of that. Every time I try it turns into the selection tool (and selects what's beneath it).

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These are both fundamental design issues with Skitch that didn't exist in V1, and which I've been trying to get them to recognise, with little success. They appear to have some kind of clever intended purpose for Skitch which they won't share with us, but which doesn't include a need for several of the basic sketching tools you'd expect to see!


To be clear, in your case that's the lack of a fill tool, and the fact that you can't turn off auto-select so you can draw on top of other objects (or even just start a new line where the last one ended).

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