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Changing "Updated" Date after editing notes - will it affect how EN syncs?

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Using latest desktop version, I've had reason to go back and add/change titles or text in a few dozen notes of phone calls & meetings for a certain client project. At the same time, I wanted to keep the last prior "Updated" date from when I first *finished* that note from the phone call or meeting (and I didn't know until today I could add a Windows "date stamp" <Ctrl-;> in the text for this purpose!). So, after editing the title/text of each of these earlier notes, I changed the "Updated" date/time back to approx. what it had been for these notes (i.e., I inserted the prior date and, by clicking on the calendar icon, I also changed back the HH:MM...but didn't bother with changing "seconds"). But now I'm wondering if this was a bad idea... :o

I have these questions (I've used EN "free" for a long time, but I'm new to forums and didn't find any answers online):

1.   During sync, does EN compare a note's Updated date/time fields - on the desktop or other device vs. EN server - to determine which version of a note is more recent, and which should then overwrite the other? If so, then for these notes where I just changed the Updated field, I might lose my latest edits...unless the *new* Updated dates/times just *happen* to be more recent than what had been there before I just changed them...which might be the case for some but not other notes! 

2. If that's how EN syncs (and because I'm not using "Premium" though I probably will now!), is there some way I can save my latest edits to note title & text? E.g., if EN won't sync until I exit the desktop program and I haven't exited yet (in favor of asking for help here!), maybe I could go back in and change all of those Updated dates/times to "Now"...or at least a date/time later than it had been before today's edits? Can anyone offer other solution at this point?

3. If EN *doesn't* sync by looking to the user-changeable "Updated" date/time field, then what does it use??

4. Does anyone have a better method of keeping the date/time record of when you finished your original note after the event (mtg or call)...other than adding the Windows stamp to the text...if you want to go in later and "clean up" your notes?

5. Finally, does anyone remember - from the old software-only based version of EN - that there was some setting you could change if you didn't want the note's date/time to update automatically after further modification? Something like that? I didn't see any similar setting in the current version - but maybe they can't do that because of sync'ing across platforms!


Thanks in advance for your help!


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Hi - lots of questions,  but fairly simple answers (I think..)

  1. Evernote doesn't use the created/ updated fields for syncing.  That's user information only.  Your note will have a flag if its altered to show when that happened.  The server will compare it's current note flag with that on any device that syncs to it on that account.  The latest version of the note gets copied to everyone who needs it when they next connect.  So your edits are safe.
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  3. Your notes have their own system time/ date flag.
  4. I use a date/ time stamp when I run a log of something;  <date/time> text comments / new line / <date/time> text comments / etc...
  5. There is no setting to keep a fixed date/ time on the note - except that (unless you alter it) the created date will stay constant..
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