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Skitch iOS 3.1 has been released

Joe Lopez


Hi everyone!


Skitch iOS 3.1 has been released and should be making its way into the iOS App Store. Time to propagate varies by region so keep checking is auto-update doesn't install the new version.


Skitch iOS 3.1 brings the following to the app:

  • Select between Arrow/Shape/or Nothing while on the camera mode. There's a new button on the camera (next to the shutter button) that lets you toggle between the three.
  • New share again screen. After you do an initial share you will be prompted to share again, re-annotate, or start new. This will make it easier to tell when your share has completed and make it clearer what to do next.
  • New emoticon stamps. We wanted to try out something fun and put together some cool emoticon stamps. They function just like normal stamps, but with some flare. Let us know what you think of these new stamps.
  • Bug fixes - Lots more bugs were squashed.
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Hey all thanks for your opinions. It's true emoticons are not necessarily for everyone. We wanted to put something in that was a little fun to end 2013 and start 2014. So far, the response from a usage standpoint has been quite good. In fact the emoticons have taken over as the top stamps being placed. 


The emoticons aside this version also brought the ability to select between having an annotation during camera snap or not, which was a highly requested feature for iOS. We also crushed 28 outstanding bugs, rebuilt a chunk of the code, and improved the share experience.


We sprinkled in a little bit of fun with a lot of serious work to close out the year.


As for new features, we're working on some more, but I can tell you that we've put many of the requests on the back burner while we dig deep into addressing lingering bugs (we started with that 28). So in the next few releases you're going to see fewer features and more bug fixes, stability/speed improvements, and iterations on existing features.

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Apart from Skitch crashing the first time I used it since this update (and losing the markup I was working on) I am noticing a couple of other very negative side effects...

1. I have to log into my EN account every time I launch Skitch;

2. There is now a hideous Skitch banner across the bottom of my images (I have EN Premium); [[[ 15th January: Addressed in a PM, now on feature request list.  ]]]

3. Saving is temperamental at best (took 11 attempts over 2 hours to save one markup).


I have deleted an re-installed the app to no avail.  Annoying.

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I use Skitch exclusively for my work as a television producer. While some may have use for emoticons, I do not.


And that's fine- I would just ignore the emoticon function, except the icon you chose looks RIDICULOUS and anything but professional. You've taken a slick, modern design and injected it with an annoying smiley face!


Could you please find a way to represent the emoticon function that is more in keeping with the streamlined aesthetic of the product?

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@Bikernz - I'm going to have one of our QA folks reach out to you because you should not be having that many problems with saving. They may need some details from you in regards to your phone, OS version, and data from Skitch. 

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My God, that emoticon icon is hideous! Why don't you just employ Comic Sans as your UI font while you're at it?


So, yet another major point release with nothing of any use new. When will you return to implementing the basic solid features that are needed to make this the truly useful app it used to be?


Emoticons but no fill tool, no choice but to select when you touch an existing object, no transparency, no library, etc etc etc (you have the list). Are we witnessing the transformation of Skitch from tool to toy?

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