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(Archived) Send note to another evernote user

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I just signed up on this forum and haven't fully searched the forum as of yet, just a quick search, but I've been promoting the use of evernote to ALOT of people at HP and a partner. I take notes at meetings now with evernote and use the picture note capability with my iphone to snap photos of whiteboard diagrams and such.

One of the questions I always get is: "If I get on evernote, can you just sent the note to my evernote account?" And my answer is always, I'll copy it out and email it to you.

Will there be the ability to send a note to another evernote user through evernote in the future? I use mac, windows, and iphone. It's a good combination and being able to send a note to another evernote user would make it rock.

I love the product, I use it all the time now instead of writing down notes. Keep up the great work.


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If you want to give someone an exact copy of a note, you'd need to use the Export feature on either client to produce an .enex export file and then send it to them. They can then import that into Evernote.

Otherwise, we're working to improve our email formatting for notes so that the recipient will receive email with contents that are much closer to the original note. This would allow them to copy/clip that email directly to Evernote.

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