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(Archived) iPhone and Mac out of Sync

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I have the Mac Version and the iphone Version, i scanned some documents to the mac (my scanner names the files like ccf03062009_000001.... i usually rename the note, give it the tags and then sync...

on my iphone some of these scans are with that original name and without tags.... syncing on the iphone (the "refresh" button in "Notes" upper left) doesn't do any change...

why? :)

greets, Janko

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The iPhone should be showing the contents of the web service. If you see old results on the iPhone, perhaps your Mac hasn't successfully synchronized its changes up to our servers. Try going to the web UI to see if the note titles are correct there from your desktop computer. If not, then the problem is in the Mac->Service synchronization.

If the results look fine on the web service, then the note titles should look identical on your iPhone.

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on the web it's the same as on the iphone, so the problem should be on the mac->web sync...

is there a way to force a resync from the mac? i tried to add some content to the notes but nothing happened on the web side...

i tried to scan a new document on my mac, named and synced, and it appeared.... and also the wrong names of the other documents are renamed, changed some in the note, resynced.... appeared instantly...

okay, something like a hikkup :)



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The Mac should sync automatically based on the value you set in the 'Sync' Preference panel.

You can force it to do a sync by hitting the Sync button.

If this doesn't work, run the Mac "Console" application and look for the last few lines there for errors.

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