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(Archived) Two Feature Requests for Evernote Windows


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Hi everyone. I'm Burim and I'm an Evernote user for more than 2 years. While Evernote is good, it has many limitations.

Today I want to make two feature requests.


1. As I'm currently computer science student, I save my code snippets in Evernote. But Evernote has an huge limitation in this field, you can't save the code with highlighted syntax. So something like the below example will do great. (Yes you can use Notepad++, but an in-app feature will be more convenient). 

<script>function myFunction(){var x="";var time=new Date().getHours();if (time<20)  {  x="Good day";  }document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML=x;}</script>

2. The second feature that I think will be useful is the possibility to chose which image to be in the note cover. An image speaks for itself but sometimes Evernote don't chose the right image. So it will be nice if we could chose the image ourselves.




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From looking into #1, I can see that while Visual Studio puts copied selections on the ClipBoard in rich text format (among others), NotePad++ does not. When you paste a selection from Visual Studio, the highlighting goes into the note. Copying highlight attributes is a matter of the clip source's clipboard usage, and if they don't put the highlights out there (either via rich text or HTML), then there's nothing that Evernote can do. It is pretty unlikely that Evernote will provide its own syntax highlighting functionality.


A forum search for "syntax highlight" turned up (among others):



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