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Tag Within Note

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Tags are assigned to the entire note, not a section of a note.


For my few lengthy notes, I use the following method:

I use keywords (actually a special code) to find specific sections in a note. My codes all start with an arbitrary number (7777) followed by a letter.


If I am looking for a specific quotation by Isaac Asimov, I will search for: 7777q Asimov


I can remember all my search codes, but just to be safe, I also store them in an Evernote note.

Also, in my opinion, Evernote is much more powerful when using many small notes rather than a few monster notes, so I don't have to rely on this search code method often.

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Nope, no way to do that, Evernote's format, being based on XHTML, does support HTML anchors, but no client has tools to take advantage of that, and nothing in their UIs either.

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If I am looking for specific quotations by Isaac Asimov, I will search for: 7777q Asimov



Just to clarify - I place the 7777q code underneath the actual quotation which could many pages deep into the note.

The search jumps to that place in the note (no scrolling needed)


I also use a small size font and a light grey text color, so it is difficult to see. It's not obvious, but Evernote can still find it. See an example below:


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