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(Archived) Fotos in Evernote on Google Nexus 10 don't work

Jochen R

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Dear Evernote team

I bought a new Google Nexus 10. Interestingly when adding notes with the built in camera the autofocus is not focussing at all. so no clear picture of e.g. written text can be taken. 

It puzzles me that if I take a foto of the same text just using the camera (not using evernote) the autofocus is working perfectly fine.

Seems, that evernote is not using the autofocus method at all.


On my iPad it works perfectly fine also when using Evernote

pls check



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It's pretty surprising that Evernote can add notes containing pictures at all from the vast range of camera-connected devices on which its installed.  I tend to get this with Samsung phones - the trick is to go into Settings > Note Creation and UNtick "Activate Multishot Camera"

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