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Mail to evernote not just links, but also the content of web articles


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Recently, to solve my own problem: to directly save any article I read in my iPhone to Evernote, I created a service named Pineco.me, and opened it online. With this service, you don’t need to install any app, the only thing you will do is just to share the links of web articles you read from any app through email to Pineco.ME service. Then Pineco.ME will automatically extract the readable contents of the articles, and saved them to notebook you assigned. 

It works similar to Evernote’s “Email to notebook” feature, but what you will get is similar to how you use Web Clipper or Clearly. It makes blog posts, articles, web pages clean and easy to read. And the best thing is you can use it in both desktop and smart phone. It is really easy to use and free. 

The service is available and free on http://pineco.me , you can try it and give me some feedbacks, I am happy to listen to any feedback and continuously improve it. 



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This service could be really good with some improvements. I think people should voice their opinions openly about what they want, what's good, what's bad, and so on. In the end it is these users that are the first ones noticing this kind of services and their support means everything. In the meantime I've contacted you via PM for a in depth discussion on this topic, so please contact me and we'll discuss it further. In conjunction with that discussion we can hopefully correlate your ideas with a thread full of ideas, not only my own ideas, and see this service take off. I'm a huge believer that pineco.me, with some tweaks and alternatives, can be something big. I think the clear and easy presentation is great, but it also means that there is hidden potential in this project. So come on people, give your feedback after testing this service a few times. This is a brilliant idea, or will be in the near future I hope, for now it's just a very very good idea and a great platform.

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