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Can you search only highlighted text?



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In other words, the search would not return any result unless the highlighted text matches the criteria of search. It wouldn't count any un-highlighted text. Thanks

Sorry. I don't think so.

I do things a little less fancy, but it works. I put my initials next to the phrase I want to "highlight" . It looks like this:

[CMM] blah blah blah.

A search for CMM turns up all of my "highlighted" passages from over the years. This also works in Spotlight to find these passages anywhere, inside or outside Evernote. If your initials are too similar to real word such as "JOB" or "RAM" then use three letters like XXX or AAA. Special characters l(?$&*#) won't work.

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I would also like the OP's feature as well as the ability to limit search results to only notes with highlighted text. And while I'm dreaming, I'd like the ability to display all highlighted text in a notebook organized by note. Let me know if you need details or clarification.





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Since Evernote supported text highlighting, there has been numerous occassions I needed to search only within my highlighted texts.


If you think about the use cases, it makes a lot of sense. You highlight things you consider important. Now, you want to look for things among your important notes.


Another recurring use case I have is, I need to look for just highlighted texts, but not any particular text.


Do I have to formally request for features like these?

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I actually mentioned this already in the original feature request thread for highlighting. Possible implementations could include the ability to "loop" through all the highlighted portions of a note or some type of a summary view (similar to the one Skitch has already).


The current highlighting is just a hard-coded formatting action which adds no real value. It certainly does not make me more productive.

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