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(Archived) Scanning receipts

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Might be a silly question, but say you get good quality scans of product receipts from stores... would this hold any value as in using the copy (printed on paper) for any product returns/inquiries at the store? Say if the receipt includes a bar code/id number and is clearly visible?

Or would most stores only accept original receipts?

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I wouldn't see Evernote as a substitute for keeping receipts.. but as a compliment to it.

I keep all my receipts in Evernote after scanning them. They are all tagged with "receipts" and nothing else. I scan them within a couple of days so I'm not that fussed about editing the subject date fields. I do make sure to give them a relevant title so I can quickly scan down the notes list and find what I'm looking for.


I keep a "spike" that I jam my receipts down onto to keep the originals. I give them all a number that's in sequence and I add this number to the body of the note before the scan.

If I ever need to find a receipt I search for it with Evernote. If it's recent only the tag view ordered by creation date will be needed. If there's lots then adding some keywords to the search will either produce the scan based on the title or maybe even based on OCR of the receipt itself. If I need the actual physical receipt I look at the number on the note and then I know how far down the spike that particular receipt is located.

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Most stores that I know of will only accept original receipts. That's not to say that they all have that restriction, but I would bet the majority of them would.

I scan my receipts into Evernote more for tax reasons, and because some receipts fade over time (a lot of receipts from gas pumps do this for me). I can print out my all of my receipts tagged "travel" for instance, or "medical", etc.

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