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(Archived) How to open text files in QuickOffice on iOS?

Dougie Nisbet

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Hopefully I'm not hijacking this old topic but it's the closest match I've been able to find to a similar issue I'm having.


I synchronise a folder to Evernote using Dropbox. I have a few text configuration files that I synchronise in this way. A specific example is the /etc/hosts file from my linux server. In the desktop version of Evernote this opens fine as I can tell it to use notepad++, however on the iPad it won't open. None of the 'Open in' options appear to be useful.


If I rename the hosts file to hosts.txt it opens fine in Quickoffice.


Is there a way to open text files with no extension on the iPad using Quickoffice from within evernote?





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A quick check into Quickoffice support through Google shows that there is actually no way to do that.


I would actually suggest other options, depending on how flexible you feel.  If you need an Office suite, OfficeSuite Pro has some integration with Evernote already.


However, if you are open to other options, I stumbled across tOpener just now.  $1.99, but can open and edit files with alternate extensions (.html, .css for example.)


Hope that helps!

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