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(Archived) Evernote ScanSnap

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Well, its bizarre to me that the Evernote ScanSnap forum is 'locked' - not quite welcoming to be excluded.

I am a long time Evernote and ScanSnap S1300 user. I'm just trying to understand why the $500 scanner I bought can't do separate pages. Yes, I understand that this was by design - but so could having a control in the ScanSnap manager (as exists in the less expensive and more powerful in many ways S1300). There's a simple control that allows one to put in ten separate documents and get ten different copies.


ScanSnap gets high marks for speed on this - and the resolution of the copies. It's brilliant. But having to hand feed a pile of documents goes against everything that ScanSnap AND Evernote are geared to do. 


I hear that returns of this are almost impossible. But what I'd most prefer is a fix. If its impossible, I'd like to return this model and get a ScanSnap that does the trick without this 'special programming' that links it to Evernote. It's kind of a joke in a way. ScanSnaps have ALWAYS linked to Evernote, and very easily. 


Can anybody help me with this?



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What's the URL of this locked ScanSnap forum?  I haven't seen one around here..


And if you install the scanner plus ScanSnap manager,  don't you get a homepage entry that allows you to change from 'seperate PDFs' to 'save it in a diary somewhere...'  ?

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