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Platform: Samsung Note3 + stylus, PC


I searched the Forum for "annotate" but didn't find the workflow and use case I needed.


I have lists of photo gear for shoots in several categories -- shoots differ in the gear chosen. I could imagine a benefit having those lists in Evernote for me to check off items during planning and have that with me during the work and re-packing at the end. I used to have something like this in PalmPilot days from a couple of SW vendors. Remember the Milk is one possibility, SimpleNote. OneNote can do this. I'd like to do the planningf on the Note 3 rather than the PC.


One factor is how to import the lists, which are now in Excel. Perhaps pdf's, but being able to sort -- or exclude empty (unchecked) lines from view would be pretty cool. PDFs are like dumb paper.



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S-note on the Note 3 is able to sync to your Evernote account, which allows your use case some flexibility.  Not completely, mind, but some flexibility.


But S-note on the Note 3 is able to handle the tables you create.  However,hey would have to be imported manually, per a quick glance at the Note 3 manual.  You could also paste in an image of the table and mark it up that way, but you wouldn't be able to modify that table.


Like I said earlier, as S-note can sync to Evernote, you'll then be able to at least see it on the PC.


However, checking off items and doing repacking, along with the sorting you previously described, would likely be possible only on the Note 3 in this use case.  I don't believe the Ink note function in the EN windows client would have the ability to modify an S-note (though it'd be kinda cool if they did later...).



Adding one more thought: Remember the Milk has integration with Evernote through the Reminders system.  This could be another option available to you.

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