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(Archived) Can't open encrypted notes in web version

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I have to use the web version on my Linux netbook and while I can find my encrypted notes, when I click on the encrypted note icon, it doesn't give me an opportunity to enter a password. Are encrypted notes not allowed to be viewed on the web version?

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The web interface does not currently allow you to encrypt or decrypt. It would not be secure to do this encryption/decryption on our servers, because then we'd see a copy of your secret passphrase, so we'd need to implement this entirely in the web browser. This would be possible, but is a lot more tricky, so we haven't done it yet.

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If you don't allow encryption in your web version, this seriously reduces the value of the subscription I paid. I use a mixture of Windows and Linux machines. The problem would be solved, of course, if you provided a full Linux client. Are you planning to do this? When?


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We're not currently planning to build a Linux desktop application ourselves, but a number of different people have asked for API keys to attempt do build their own open-source client.

We don't support Evernote on Linux+Wine, but a number of people have said that it largely works for them.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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