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(Archived) Annual account downgraded, but only paid for it April 2009

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I'm not sure how good the Evernote support is (it took me a long time to actually find a way to contact them), but has anyone had problems with their account being downgraded even though they paid for a year ahead? I'm in that situation: I paid for a year in mid April 2009. The Google checkout went through w/o problems. Presumably it's a bug on Evernote's side. It's annoying that they just cancel my account first though.

Thanks, Pete

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We're looking into this now ... you're correct that this appears to be some sort of bug, and we'll get your account straightened out by tomorrow morning.

We apologize for the inconvenience.

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Pete -

It looks like you were accidentally caught up in a fix we did in April for a few people who were double-billed by Google for their monthly subscription. We fixed the problem by adjusting all of the accounts directly in our database by adjusting the account status and bill dates, but we accidentally "fixed" your annual account so that it would terminate prematurely 30 days later.

Sorry about the inconvenience, you should be all set now.

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