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(Archived) Can anyone else not read the Evernote App Tags screen?

Mark F


The link below shows a screenshot of the Evernote App (Mac) Tags index screen:




Maybe 2-3 years ago I brought this to the attention of Evernote, explaining how many of us a bit older people don't have as perfect eyes as the young developers at Evernote, and that the Tags index screen is unreadable to some of us.  Now I'm back checking out Evernote again and am reminded of why I had to choose not to use it in the past, and this is one reason. I doubt it even meets website accessibility standards.


I'm curious, is there anyone else out there that has extreme difficulty reading it? Please bring up the image and see for yourself.


And what is the deal with developers hating on contrast these days? Do they want us all to squint or go blind?  You don't see books coming out with gray text on gray pages. It's black on white or off-white. 



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Me too. I wrote to Support who said that they would pass my ticket to the developers. Maybe they did, maybe it matters, but maybe not in the least. I also posted in this forum and as I recall nobody from EN ever responded. They pick and choose what to admit that they read. All of the above was about a year ago. Grey on Grey is an inane choice. I have very good eyesight and I have trouble reading it. EN does not care. Why should they? They still pocket my $65.

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They still pocket my $65.

The usual agreement stands: if you're unhappy with Evernote, you can unsubscribe from the service, and keep your money, and still be able to use it for free.

Re the forum: Evernote staff do read the forum, but don't always respond; I wouldn't read anything into the fact that nobody did. Actually, Evernote employee Jackolicious, the Mac guy, tends to reply on the forums more than folks from the other teams these days, but there's still no guarantee that he will reply to any one post.

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