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What happened to Add New Tag in Tag function

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At about minute 00:50 in this following video from this year, it demonstrates how to enter a Tag "in" a Tag.  



In both my mac app and evernote.com, I am unable to do this.  Where did it go? Why was it taken away?


I need to enter hundreds of tags (stock ticker symbols) as child tags of a parent tag.  And to do it without this ability is a HUGE time waster -- add the tag, find it in the list, drag it up, up, up until you find the parent tag and drop it in. Then repeat.  And it's something I have to do on the fly each time I have to enter a new ticker as the need arises.

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This video covers the Windows client only; other clients differ. I don't know that the capability has been "taken away from" either the Mac or Android clients. It may have never existed in either (I am not Mac user, so I can't speak to that UI), but I'm pretty sure that you cannot add tags in the Android client -- there's no way that I know how to do it anyways. The web client can add subtags, but not directly -- you create a tag at the top level, then you can drag it to its ultimate destination.

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Hi Mark,

On the Mac version it is easy to add tags. Click in the top of your note all the way at the top in the gray area to the right of the folder name is, type your tag name. As you type other tags starting with the same letters will appear. i.e. if you have a tag called Mac yet you want a tag named machine as you typed Ma the word Mac will appear as a choice, continue typing machine, your new tag name, pressing Return creates your new tag. 


Hope that helps you.

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