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(Archived) Is Evernote suitable for a media archiving application?

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My organization gets articles in the press every once in a while. We get articles in online publications and stories on TV and radio.


My job is to collect all the links and the video and send them out to our members on a monthly basis.


To date, I've just been storing the links in a plain text file and downloading the video to my local hard drive. It hasn't been easy to organize it so it can be shared.


I'd like to be able to:


-- Save a link and a cached version of the page.

-- Download a video mp4 and store it online somewhere

-- Download an audio mp3 and store it online somewhere

-- Add a title and short description to all of the above

-- Somehow get a web page with titles, descriptions, and links to this month's media so I can send it to our members.


Is this possible with Evernote?

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In reply to your list - Things you CAN do...


  • Through Evernote Web Clipper, you can grab the address of the page as well as how much of the page that you need.  You can shift from article view, full page view, etc.
  • You can add more text in the note from the Web clip, including providing an alternative Title
  • You can attach files of any type to a note, but you are limited in size (25 MB for Free users, 100 MB for Premium users)  Audio is likely, but video is ...problematic.

Creating a web page in Evernote would be excessively problematic at the least.  Evernote would be best to compile the information.  (Especially that Web Clipper... I've found it very excellent when pulling articles for reading.)  You would then use a separate program to build the actual page.


With this in mind, here are a few suggestions that might fulfill your needs, but take this with a grain of salt... it's all off the top of my crazy head.

  1. Use Evernote to compile and gather your articles with Web Clipper.  If you have video and audio files, store them into something like Dropbox (You would have to share the file from within DropBox).  Build your webpage, including the link to the DropBox information, from your Evernote notes.
  2. Same as above, but instead of a webpage, merely share the notebook, with each article pulled as a note (with the link to the audio/video file in the description).  (Especially effective if none of your readers need to contribute to it.)  Simply share a different notebook with each issue.

I hope this works.  There are more solutions out there, some not Evernote related, but this is what I can think of in a couple of minutes.

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