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(Archived) (Archived) Can the page camera produce PDFs?


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The document scanner I had used to send PDFs to Evernote isn't available for Android, so I started using the Evernote page camera instead. But the page camera isn't producing PDFs that can be read with Acrobat Reader. Neither can the documents be viewed as attachments instead of images. Is there a way to produce PDFs with the page camera?

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I don't think so.  You could, once the page camera image is in Evernote, print to PDF.  Why do you want to archive as PDF when once the note is in Evernote, it is archived and readily accessible.  

You're absolutely right. I had always saved docs as PDFs, but I see that I can stil search text and also forward my notes by email with no problem.  The only (minor) disadvantage is that, unlike PDFs, JPEGs (or whatever format EN uses) cannot be saved within EN as attachments, and sometimes I prefer to view multiple docs within a note that way. Thanks.

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