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(Archived) How to securely share / link to individual note



Hello all,


I've read a few similar posts but not found a clear answer to the following...


I would like to paste a link to an individual Evernote note in:

a ) an email to colleagues


b )the note description field of an external to-do app such as Asana.


For a ), my worry is that the only way to do this involves selecting 'Share note URL', which make the note public to anyone with that URL - and therefore a bit risky.


For b )  I'm mainly concerned with myself personally having access back to that note for myself. Again, if I have to 'Share note URL', I'm again making this note public which contains sensitive work info. Is there a way to use a link that will simply open up the Evernote Mac client and my laptop, and therefore only work for me?


Is there another way I could link back to an individual note that would give multiple people access via a link in an email, but not making the note completely public? e.g a URL that required a login by recipients of that email?]


Appreciate any advice!




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If you want your colleagues to see the content of a note,  you have by definition to make that note 'public' so anyone with the URL can view it.  Same comment if you want to have access to the note yourself from any web-connected device via a link from other software.  You may be better off in this instance using the app extension Liveminutes.com to share notes and collaborate..

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OK thanks very much for the advice. Sounds like that's just the way it has to be then.

For notes that aren't going to be regularly updated, maybe for certain purposes I'll just 'export' them as a docu / pdf then attach in email / asana. Then if I really want a quick reference of what Evernote stuff I've shared in emails, I could send the email directly into my Evernote account, and use a 'note link' to connect it to the original note which is in context, then tag it 'email linked' or similar. Or, I could paste the email url at top of the original Evernote note, if I'm logged into my mail.


Liveminutes looks interesting for general purposes. Shame it doesn't seem to have a way to search a workspace / have subcategories of notes. I guess without the latter, you 'conveniently' have to use more workspaces, and make each one more specific. Thanks for the recommendation while it's still free.

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