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(Archived) Moving Notes between Notebooks in a Child Tag



Hello all,


I have a parent tag for "Clients" and child tags for each "Project." Right now, all those notes are in a general purpose notebook, but I'd like to move all of those notes to a notebook dedicated to the client files (so I can start sharing with my team, in anticipation of moving to Evernote Business). The tags for my "Projects" have the naming convention: {Client Name}-{Project Number}-{Project Description}, so other than the dashes and numbers, there's no similarities from one Project to another.


I've discovered that this is easier said than done. I can't select the Parent tag and move all the notes tagged with a child tag. I can't go to the tags screen, select all my children tags, and then show at all those notes at once. At the moment, I'm stuck going tag by tag (I have some 200 tags) to move the notes to the new notebook.


I've done a bit of reading throughout the forums, and it looks like I may be up a creek. Any suggestions?

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I'm not sure I understand your current setup, or what you would like to achieve, but I think rather than selecting tags, you want to do a search that returns the Notes you want into a specific NB, and then assign a NB to those Notes.


So, for example, if you want to move all Notes for a specific client into a NB just for that client:

Search:    tag:Client1*


This returns all notes that have a tag that begins with "Client1"

Select all of these Notes in the note list.

This will display a Multiple-Note update in the middle of what is usually the Note text.

In this display, choose the "Client1" notebook.


If this is not exactly what you want to achieve, maybe it will give you some ideas.  You can, of course, add more terms to the search expression to include or exclude Notes by specific tags.



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Yes, there is no direct link between Parent tags and Children tags. The main function is aesthetics and the ability to group the children together.

One possible solution, but it will involve adding a prefix Proj- individually to your tags. So it would look like:.
Proj-{Client Name}-{Project Number}-{Project Description}
Then you could search for tags that start with Proj-


But that is a mighty long tag.


If I was setting this up, I would use two shorter tags instead of one huge one.
Proj-{Project Number}-{Project Description}
Cust-{Client Name}



Also, I prefer to always use lower case for all my tags. Easier to remember.


proj-2837-retool bushing

proj-2838-improve welding

proj-2389-rivet assembly





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