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There should be a way to select a default notebook for web clippings



The Evernote Web Clipper doesn't do a very good job guessing which notebook should receive a web clipping.  There should be a way to select a default notebook for web clippings for a number of reasons:


  • Evernote Web Clipper usually guesses the notebook I want the clipping to go to incorrectly.
  • Not all notebooks are listed as choices when making a manual selection.  Local notebooks, for instance, are not listed.
  • Quite often multiple notes need to be merged after they're sent to Evernote.  This can be more easily accomplished in the default notebook and then moved.
  • The workflow would be much more efficient if I didn't need to select a notebook for each clipping.


Please make the selection of a default notebook an option...thanks.





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I agree. My default should override the clipper's "guess", which is often wrong, so the note gets misfiled and I have to go into Evernote to refile it. Too much trouble!

Also, please bring back the ability to type comments in a clip before sending to Evernote.


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Please visit the options page.

- You can turn off auto filing and have it remember last used notebook instead.

- You can still type in comments on clips in the filing dialog. Click the notebook or tag item in the sidebar and there are additional fields for changing title and adding comments. 


Clipping to Local notebooks is not supported. 

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To be more exact:

  • Click on Webclipper icon in your browser
  • Click on your name, which is at the bottom underneath the "save" button.
  • Click on Options
  • Select "Last Used Folder"
  • Click on "Done"
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but why do we have an option last used notebook  but NOT default notebook?

If I happen to have last used an obscure notebook last why do I want me next clipping to go there --

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