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(Archived) Feature Request: Collapse note headers

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I love Evernote. It does what it does very well.

I have a suggestion for improving use of screen real estate. I suggest a "collapse headers" feature right alongside the "collapse all" button.

I rarely work within the Evernote screen now for looking at multiple notes, preferring instead to export. This is because Evernote displays two or at most three notes per screen. Those big blue header spaces really irritate me at times when I'm scrolling through the database.

This can be ameliorated by using the note list, at the further expense of screen space. The note list fails if you're not titling consistently - I title usefully about half the time.

I love the "collapse notes" feature, very handy. What would be great is if we could ALSO collapse the note headers, those blue spaces. If I have a succession of short 1 line notes, I can only see 4 max per page - useless and frustrating, so I must export. But if I could collapse the headers, I could see 10 or 20 one line notes easily. I frequently get rapid successions of 1 line notes when web clipping or sending from my mobile. (Tangent: It would be great to easily merge them without resetting the datestamp so that the sort order of my database doesn't become deranged, and more importantly so I don't lose my place as I'm sorting through my inbox.)

Another idea: give some idea of the length of the text "below the fold", perhaps a word count in the blue title space.

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