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(Archived) Potential problem with evernote and geotaging and Google Maps


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I think there is a potential bug, but I'm not sure.

I was trying to email an image from Lightroom that was geotaged, so I was expecting that once inside Evernote I could find it on google maps by using the metadata and geo location.

I made a tutorial about it actually, and here is the part in the video where I show the way to link Lightroom and Evernote http://youtu.be/rvvBU7J-iXk?t=35m39s

...and a bit later for those in the hurry here is the potential bug in the program. http://youtu.be/rvvBU7J-iXk?t=41m4s


Can anyone comment, confirm or disprove this. Possibly fix. :)

Thank you.


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