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(Archived) Emailed Images not being processed by OCR

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I signed up for a free account yesterday, uploaded couple pictures and been waiting since for them to be processed byt eh OCR. How long does it take to preocess the image? I know there was few problems around the 22nd but it has been 5 days since that time. Or may be I'm not looking in the right place to see if the image has been processed? How do I know the OCR was done on the image?

Any help would be appreciated

Thank You


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Images in free accounts should be processed within a few minutes after we receive them if they use one of our supported file types: PNG, GIF, JPEG.

We do not process images in other formats (e.g. TIFF, BMP), an we do not process images that are contained within PDF files (yet).

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When you said "upload" you do mean you synchronized with the web? OCR is only run on the web server.

The only way I know how to check to see if an image has been OCR'd is to search for one of the words in the photo. Do individual searches for different words in the photo. OCR may not have seen every word.

Hope that helps.

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On the Mac client, if you show "More Info" for the note, you can see a little line of text that says whether the images have been processed on the service. This isn't currently in the Windows client, but we do plan to add it later.


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