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Patrick Garmoe

(Archived) How to make Evernote Business/Paid Versions Better

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Hello all,


I'm planning on nixing my Evernote Business account (in favor of just the regular paid version), but before I did I put a post together related to things I wish were improved/features I'd like to see.


Would love to hear what others thought of the ideas, either in this thread, or in the blog comments.



Great post. Thanks. I don' t know if o am one of those bloggers, but if you haven't seen it already, maybe this post will help.


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Based on your comments and others, along with the declining activity in the Business forum*, it appears that the launch of Evernote Business has not been a rousing success.

* Since mid-November, the Business forum has logged fewer than 100 new posts.  
By comparison, the Web Clipper section had over 400 new posts.
And Evernote Products logged in 2,600 new posts.

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Took them 5 months to do $1m in revenue with Evernote Business - I'd call that a reasonable success...

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On #1 do you not double click a note to open it in its own window, so that you can flip through all your other notes in the main window?

Other than that it seems the only other thing given in later versions is selecting a range of notes and clicking on the option to create a table of contents note.

On the value proposition for business, I don't see it yet and have not championed it in our Orgs.

It's used by individuals in the Org. And I've participated in a few tortured attempts at group collaboration between premium accounts.

But it's business collaboration and unstructured-ness is highly immature compared to tools like Box for business, our open source wiki, and begrudgingly some parts of Sharepoint.

"Evernote for business" isn't even playing the same game yet.

I would think for that price point (and less) any small team satisfied by the functionality of Evernote would do better with a product like Podio or even Google Apps for business.

Evernote could get there, and should, but at the moment it's like a wireframe concept with a few promises hung on. It could well be 2 years away from a mature ready business tool.

But at the rate of development (bugs fixed of existing problems and *requested* features) so far in Premium, that might be far too optimistic a timeline.

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