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(Archived) Evernote is so SLOOOWWW on my Apple iOS Devices

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Hi All,


Evernote has been so slow on my Apple iOS devices that it's been impractical or unbearable to use it recently.  


I am using an iPhone 4 (with iOS7) and an iPad 1 (with iOS6).  I realize that these devices are approaching the end of their useful lives, however, I seem to be doing fine with my other applications.  iOS will crash and shutdown the apps if there are memory exceedence issues, where Evernote does not often crash.  It just seems to take forever to sync when new content is created or changed.


I wonder if I upgrade to iPhone 5S and Mini iPad Retina, will these speed issues be resolved?  I would hate to invest in these new devices (mainly to resolve Evernote slow speed), and still have the same problem.



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If you're sure your devices have synced your notes up to date I'd suggest remove/ reinstall first to see whether things improve.  I don't think anyone can guarantee you'll get a magic cure with new kit..

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