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(Archived) Refer Friends, get points? - EN Referral Program?

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When I login to my evernote.com account and click on my username there is a drop down menu that has a link to "Earn Points".


On that page is says...




Refer your friends to Evernote and earn points to redeem for rewards. With your first referral, you will get 10 points - enough for a month of Evernote Premium or a 1GB upload increase. When your friends get started, they'll earn a month of Premium too.


When I click the link icon it gives me a referral link that I can share with others.




Being a forum owner for a number of years ( http://appliancejunk.com ) I'm familiar with other referral and affiliate programs and have a few questions about the Evernote referral program.


1. I think it would be better if my referral link I'm given would lead to the main page, evernote.com instead of the "Create an Evernote Account" page because a lot of people may not even know what evernote is yet, let alone want to be signing up for it right off the bat.


2. How long is the referral link good for after someone clicks on it, 24 hours, 30 days, etc...?


Good for as in how long after they click on my EN referral link do they have to decide to register and I still get credit for it?



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The rules and regs are on Evernote's website.  unless anyone has any real time experience to contribute,  I think that's the only source of information apart from submitting a request via the support link (below).

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The rules and regs are on Evernote's website.


Yes, I know as I posted links to them. ;)

I could not find the answer to the questions I posted in there rules and regulations, but maybe I just missed them.



I think that's the only source of information apart from submitting a request


Been there, done that. Seem to have the same experiance as many others in the EN forums with submitting a request, no help...



unless anyone has any real time experience to contribute


That's what I was looking for, someone with experiance with the EN referral program.


Thanks all the same...

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All due respect an' all,  but you posted a link to the sign-up screen,  not the KB article that itself has several links to related information.  And I think Support might be celebrating something (even if it's only time off) around about now,  so you might have to be a little patient with your request..

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