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(Archived) Scansnap Evernote Wireless Problems

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I am setting up the Evernote ScanSnap Scanner just the way as instructed.  With the USB Cable in, I am able to establish the connection with my wireless network.  As soon as I remove the USB cable, as instructed, the connection with wireless network is lost and has to be reestablished with the USB cable.  Help!


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Hi - welcome to the forums.  I know it can be frustrating when you set up new devices,  especially when tech support is thin on the ground during holiday periods.  Best advice at this point is:

  • Deep breath
  • Brew or acquire beverage of your choice
  • Switch everything (including your router) off and on again.
  • Restart installation from step 1 following instructions in the documentation and on screen carefully.  Don't worry about installing twice - files will be overwritten anyway.
  • Be specially careful about when you plug things in - sometimes it's software first,  then plug it in - other times it's plug and play.  Start with the scanner at least unplugged from everything except power.
  • If you still have wireless problems,  is your router set up only to accept connections from devices it recognises by MAC code?  (That's probably called 'access control' or something similar..)
  • Is the scanner set up somewhere well away form your computer? Can it get a good wifi signal there?

Have a search online for "evernote scanner setup problems" and see what other questions have been asked in Fujitsu or other online forums.  Include your OS too..


Hope some of that helps..

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